February 2023: New exposition.

Signed the contract for a new exposition/exhibition at a hospital later this year. More information will follow in due time.

August 2022: Kingfisher image nominated for the People’s Vote Award.

I’m proud to share that my work, “The King fishing!”, was recently nominated to win a People’s Vote Award at the 2022 reFocus Photo Awards. I am very excited about this honor. For further information see the blog page.

June 2022: Exposition at Town Hall & City Hall Nieuwkoop.

A selection of my (wildlife) images will be exhibited from June 21 to September 21, 2022, at the Town and City Hall of my home town Nieuwkoop, in The Netherlands.

May 2022: Exposition at the House of Arts in Woerden.

Several of my images are exhibited at the House of Arts from May 06 until July 14, 2022. The House of Arts (art shop) is located at the Molenweg 40 in Woerden (Province of Utrecht).

February 2022: Exposition at ’t Reghthuys in Nieuwkoop.

September 05-December 05, 2021: Exposition at the gallery of Jacq. Stouten in Nieuwveen.

A selection of my wildlife images were displayed at the gallery of Jacques Stouten, located at the Dorpsstraat 24 in Nieuwveen.

January 2021: Exposition at ’t Reghthuys in Nieuwkoop.

About 15 of my wildlife and nature images would have been displayed at “‘t Reghthuys” in Nieuwkoop, The Netherlands in January and February 2021. ’t Reghthuys is a culture and exposition centre in a small city along the Nieuwkoopse Plassen (lakes). A city home to many known painters and artists. Unfortunately due the current Covid 19 imposed preventive measures the exposition has been postponed until (most probably) 2022 as the program for 2021 is completely filled up.

July 16-September 20, 2020: Hoeve Rijlaarsdam in Nieuwkoop.

Some of my wildlife images were displayed at the “Koetshuis /Hooiberg of Hoeve Rijlaarsdam”, a well known art center with gallery and sculpture garden in Nieuwkoop, The Netherlands.

Photo Competitions

Several images made it to through the preliminary round into the semi-final round of Nature’s Best Photography International Awards 2020.

Several images made it to the second round of the Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 competition 2020.

Some of my images made it to the second round of Nature’s Best Photography Africa 2017!


Several of my photos have been published in magazines such as NPHOTO Magazine, Earth Touch, Museum of Modern Art Magazine (New York), Schmap East Coast Guide, and books such as “The birds of Hesse Atlas” (Germany) and a book in New Zealand.

Two of my Aardwolf images have been published in the book “Felids and hyenas of the world” written by Dr. Jose R. Castello (see blog page) a medical doctor, naturalist and wildlife photographer. The book has been published in 2020.

Books published

Two books have been published in 2019 and can be purchased through the Blurb Bookstore (see links hereafter). These books contain unique images of nature and wildlife.

White-tailed Eagles:

African Wildlife Images:

Kleinst Moorhen, published in “The Birds of Hesse”.

Photo used by Earth Touch: can be found here.

Edition 52 NPhoto 2015. Cheetah’s at sunrise Kenya!
European Roller published  in NPhoto, edition 52, November 2015.
Cheetah Photo published in NPhoto, ed. 52, November 2015.