December 2019: This week I’ve visited a location at the Dutch coast to shoot some foxes. Apparently their hole was located between (or near) the big rocks that are protecting the shore/waterway. The weather was surprisingly acceptable. Although there was a cold wind, it was dry and there were some sunny moments too! Lucky enough I got my Fjallraven windjack protecting me from the ice cold wind! I arrived early and had to be very patience for a couple of hours until finally one beautiful fox showed itself allowing for some nice images. The constantly moving (restless but also relaxed) fox went from rock to rock, using the space between the rocks to disappear and then showing up 30 meters further to the left or right, making it a challenge to get some good images. The icing on the cake was the moment it decided to walk over to the sandy beach and along the tide line! What a lovely moments with this little beautiful fox dressed in it’s awesome winter fur jacket!

A day at the coast!
Strolling along the beach!

November 2019. I finally managed to make some changes to my website, although I am still not satisfied with the whole set up! Bare with me until I manage to make some final updates in the coming weeks!

November 2019: I am excited about ongoing discussions regarding a possible near future exhibition of some of my photos at an art gallery! I hope to further inform you about developments, including a date and location, in the coming weeks!

November 2019: This month I’ve visited a bird-hide in the southern part of The Netherlands to capture some birds of prey in an autumn setting. During the day a juvenile Northern Goshawk visited the site and even stayed there for more then one hour allowing me to take some great portrait shots. The juvenile hawks really have beautiful feathers! Naturally some other small and large (buzzards) birds and some red squirrels visited the site resulting into some other great images!

October/November 2018: I’ve made a fantastic trip to wild Poland in 2018 to photograph the “endangered” White-Tailed Eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla). During this trip all came together: light, detail, focus, poses, interaction and beautiful autumn background! Some spectaculair images of this trip are published in my newest book which can be purchased via the Blurb Bookstore (!

The White-tailed Eagle is a so called “Bird of prey” (sometimes called raptors, which is derived from the Latin word rapio). Their wing-spread is about 2,4 meters! Although their numbers declined (mostly due human interference and human activities, including destruction of habitat, the use of pesticides and hunting) they are now slowly recovering in numbers, though still listed as vulnerable. White-tailed eagles are part of the Accipitridae family (including hawks, kites and harriers and other sea eagles).

White-tailed Eagle during golden hour!
Approaching immature White-tailed Eagle!
Approaching immature White-tailed Eagle!

May 2018: Meanwhile I have been busy traveling to some national and international destinations. This first blog is about the recent trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National park and Kruger Wildtuin. Our stay at Kruger was very nice with a lot of lion sightings and we also captured an awesome bathing scene of Elephants! Naturally we also saw, though limited, some beautiful rollers! Some photos can be seen hereunder!

naamloos-14-8-imp (1)                                     Lilac Breasted Roller!

On our way to the Kruger Wildtuin we saw some beautiful Sunbirds posing for us in the sun!

Our stay at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park was as usually great with many sightings and special moments! It was great to meet some South African friends (Flickr) and to spend some valuable time together! Unfortunately we did not see any leopard but at a number of occasions we saw -and captured- lions, cheetah, some other predators and some nice birds of prey. This park somehow never fails to deliver! We will for sure plan another visit to this amazing park in the near future!

Clockwise from left: Bateleur; African Wild Cats; Cheetah’s resting in the shade!

Some other photo’s of lions and bathing elephants will be uploaded shortly. 

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